There are times in life when your family experiences a difficulty that can be improved greatly by family therapy. Family is the most important thing in many people’s lives. When a family is experiencing dysfunction or trouble, it’s important to address the issue instead of letting it grow into something larger and more difficult to address. By addressing issues early, or even proactively, you can allow your family to function in a healthy and happy way, ensuring that all members are feeling cared for and loved. Read on to learn about some times when family therapy can benefit families in search of assistance.

1) Blended Family

Oftentimes, families are not all biologically related. In the case of remarriages that include children, a blended family is created. While these families have the capacity to be close and healthy, there may be growing pains as the members of each individual family navigate the process of blending into one. Much of the process can be impacted by the ages of the children involved. Older children may have more trouble than younger children in acclimating to a new situation. Younger children may adapt more easily. No matter the relative ages of the children involved, family therapy is a valuable resource in this situation. Family therapy can help all family members to have a safe place to voice all concerns and feelings. This can help a family to blend more seamlessly into one coherent family that feels welcoming and safe for everyone involved.

2) Addiction

There are many cases where addiction can affect a family. When one member of the family is affected, the whole family is impacted by the resulting dynamic. Whether it’s a parent or child who is facing the struggle to overcome addiction, recovering from the impact is a family issue. Family therapy in this case can help the family as a whole to heal from the pain that addiction causes to all members. Family therapy can allow children as well as parents to have a safe place to express concerns and strong emotions. It can also allow family members to have a safe place to directly address the individual who is struggling with addiction. Being seen, heard, and understood are some of the things family therapy can offer. In the case of addiction, this is an important step in rehabilitating the entire family.

3) Infidelity

When families go through traumatic situations involving the parents, it isn’t just them who are affected. In the case of infidelity, a family can be torn apart. Even if the couple in question decides to work through the challenge and remain together, the family as a whole will be in need of a safe place to process what’s been happening. Children are often affected by struggles between parents and can benefit from family therapy. In any situation where there is significant upheaval in a family, family therapy can help.

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