Relationship Puzzle
A Few of the Pieces

Assuming Positive Intent
Our Working Hypothesis About Relationships

They are out to get me
They are untrustworthy-trust no one
Never let them see you cry, vulnerable, impacted by the words, actions of another
I will get hurt so why try

What if, each one of us approached interactions with each other with a working hypothesis that each of us approaches interactions with positive intent? No matter the circumstance, the level of anger expressed, the historical trauma, hurt and disappointment. How might that impact the interaction?

Doing this would create vulnerability, maybe fear of getting hurt, emotionally slaughtered, losing our self, losing the relationship, unable to maintain our sense of dignity?

Similar to the adopting an usness rather than themness stance in interactions with others, we can also look to adopt a frame of positive intent. This working concept allows us to interpret and look at each interaction with others as

When we listen to what they are saying, we listen through the filter of positive intent. Essentially, we believe that they are doing their best to communicate their feelings, thought, ideas to assist the relationship moving forward.

Remove fear from the equation and what might happen?